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April 24, 2018

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TPF has partnered with the International League of Conservation Photographers to help fight the HydroAisen project. With TPF's financial and logistical support, ILCP photographers and film makers will travel to the proposed dam sites in February 2010 to document the natural beauty of the area and thereafter showcase the photographs and film in Chile, the US and internationally to raise awareness of the negative environmental impacts of the proposed dams and the need to protect Aisen. For more information click on the links below.

In August 2008, TPF supported an energy study conducted by a group of experts from the University of Chile and the Federico Santa María Technical University that concluded that there was a tremendous potential for efficiency and renewable energy in Chile’s energy matrix that could easily replace a mega-hydroelectric dam. When Endesa released its environmental impact statement for the hydroelectric dam shortly thereafter, this study offered viable alternatives to a highly unsustainable project.

TPF also supported a follow-up study that was completed in July 2009. The study demonstrated that Chile should not encourage or yield to environmentally destructive projects such as HydroAisen because (a) there are already enough energy projects to meet the country’s energy demands and (b) the country would benefit from encouraging aggressive investment in energy efficiency and in renewable energy projects. This study will be used in the upcoming presidential elections to pressure the candidates to make commitments to support sustainable energy policies. For more information click on the links below.

In collaboration with our Chilean partner REYPA, TPF has now treated over 3,600 dogs and cats in its sterilization clinics. Last year, REYPA expanded our program from Coyhaique to other small towns in Aisen, including Puerto Cisnes, Melinka, and Puerto Puyuhuapi. This year, we expect to sterilize 1200 animals of which we have already sterilized 800.

Surgeries occur in community centers located in some of Coyhaique's poorest neighborhoods. The sterilizations, which are in high demand, are awarded by the Health Department to individuals based on financial need. In addition to surgeries, the project also provides a wealth of information to the community regarding pet care, the importance of sterilizations, and the responsibility of pet ownership. We are very thankful to the Health Department, which contributed critical financial support, volunteers, and guidance, and the volunteers and surgeons from REYPA who make this project possible. For more information click on the links below.

Past Accomplishments

In March 2005 we launched our pilot volunteer project in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park in cooperation with The U.S. Forest Service, the Chilean National Park Service (CONAF) and Fundación Patagonia (an organization based in Chile). TPF sponsored this project in 2005 and 2006. For more information click on the links below.

In 2005, TPF joined with CODEFF to produce a radio show entitled “Explorando la Esperanza,” or Exploring Hope. During one-hour segments, Journalist Claudia Molina and Peter Hartmann, the Director of CODEFF, discussed a variety of environmental topics that are currently affecting the Aisén region. Specifically, the topics included:

• History of “Explorando la Esperanza”
• Aisén, Reserva de Vida (Reserve of Life)
• Water, with Dr. Hugo Campos, from Universidad Austral de Chile
• Water Rights, with Francisco Riestra, the Director of Regional Water
• Hydroelectric Plants, with Jose Viviani, Electrical Engineer
• Energy Use in Chile, with Jose Viviani, Electrical Engineer
• Wood as an Energy Source in Aisén, with Forestry Engineer Aliro Gascon
• Communities in Defense of Water, with Costa Rican sociologist Osvaldo Durán
• “An Absent World,” with the director Ronnie Ramírez
• Seminar on Sustainable Tourism in Aisén, with Claudia Torres
• Patagonia Guide School, with Director Fransisco Vio
• Tourism in Aisén, with Partricia Chible, Director of Tourism Bureau
• Report on the Latin American Network Against Dams in Guatemala
• Alumysa
• Waste Management in Aisén
• Summary and Overview of “Explorando la Esperanza”

Scheduled during the winter months to increase the number of listeners, Explorando la Esperanza was successful in alerting the general population to environmental problems affecting their every day lives. TPF is thrilled to announce that the U.S. Embassy in Santiago has agreed to bundle these programs on two Embassy-produced radio programs that are run on 106 radio stations throughout Chile. One, Panorama, is a news wrap-up relying heavily on Voice of America materials. The other, Dimensión Internacional, is a 30-minute chat program that addresses a variety of themes. The opportunity to expand the audience for these programs is extremely important to increasing the awareness throughout Chile of many environmental issues currently arising in Patagonia.

If you are interested in working with TPF on a project, please contact us at the following address to discuss your ideas.

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