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April 24, 2018

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Current Challenges
Tourist Infrastructure

As Patagonia grows in popularity, more and more travellers visit the region each year. These tourists place a heavy burden on the existing infrastructure, as parks and towns struggle to manage increased foot traffic, sewage and trash.

For example, Torres del Paine National Park receives approximately 100,000 visitors per year with an estimated increase of 10,000 per year. These visitors have placed huge demands on the park's pristine environment, as thousands of people hike across the same trails every year, eroding the trails and producing hundreds of pounds of waste and refuse.

The Chilean Park Service has severely limited resources- a total annual operating budget of only $30,000 USD (in addition to ranger salary) -- to address its growing needs to control the impact of its human visitors in the park.

TPF's pilot trail maintenance program in Torres del Paine helped to improve the park's tourist infrastructure. TPF hopes to continue similar projects throughout Patagonia. See Past Accomplishments for further information.

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